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Must Read! : Healthcare Policies of 2016 Presidential Candidates

The 1991 Local Government Code mandated that local government take greater autonomy in its governance. This involved the devolution of certain national government responsibilities to the local government level. Among these were income generation/sharing and healthcare. Unfortunately, the devolution of healthcare made for an inequitable distribution of services and resources wherein local governments with less resources had to contend with greater healthcare demands. Thus, according to statistics 3 out of 10 Filipinos die without the attendance of a doctor. This also goes for hospitals with inadequate staffing and equipment. This is the area that healthcare reforms are very much needed.

With the 2016 Presidential Elections, the healthcare policies and programs by the different candidates are presented.

Vice President Jejomar Binay

1.    Easy access to quality healthcare for every Filipino. The strengthening and promotion of preventive healthcare through comprehensive immunization, sanitation and nutrition. Access to affordable  hospitalization based on ability to pay.
2.    The rural LGUs will be given special attention especially in far-flung areas with limited resources and areas with the highest poverty incidence.
3.    Coordination by public and private health institutions so as to develop and implement an automated data collection and dissemination system.
4.    Universal health insurance system.
5.    Healthcare infrastructures (soft and hard) such as hospitals, health centers, equipment, laboratories, support services and health professionals are available to provide quality and complete services.

Rodrigo Duterte

1.    Review all local antismoking ordinances to ensure conformance with national antismoking laws.
2.    Preventive health programs must be sustainably pushed, particularly adequate nutrition.
3.    A national daily exercise program will be established.
4.    Equitable implementation of the reproductive health law.
5.    100-percent Philhealth coverage for all Filipinos.
6.    All provinces must have a tertiary hospital with an intensive care unit.
7.    All regions should have an advanced tertiary health-care facility to include a heart, kidney and lung center capable of transplants and advanced cardiovascular interventions. This will decongest current specialty hospitals in Manila under the Department of Health and encourage specialty practice in the countryside.

Grace Poe

1.    Augmenting government health resources by harnessing private healthcare providers for universal healthcare funding.
2.    Prioritization of preventive healthcare and a voucher system that will provide for free primary healthcare and outpatient services.
3.    Reduction and rationalization of prices of medicines.
4.    Adequate funding for Family Planning clinics in promoting responsible parenthood.

Mar Roxas

1.    100% Philhealth Membership
2.    Capacity building for public healthcare facilities
3.    Barangay Health Units that can provide immediate and quality healthcare

Miriam Defensor Santiago

1.    Expand coverage of Philhealth
2.    Financing mechanism for the poorest of the poor
3.    Stopping the endorsements of public officials as a requirement for PCSO health assistance.
4.    Oppose privatization of public healthcare institutions
5.    Availability of vaccines and medicines in barangay health centers.
6.    Improvement of facilities in barangay health centers.
7.    Full implementation of the Reproductive Health Law

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