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June Is National Dengue Awareness Month--Since 1998

June is Dengue Awareness Month for the DOH, as per Proclamation No. 1204. This presidential statement on matters of public health policy was signed on April 21, 1998, by then-president Fidel V. Ramos. Since then, June has been THE month that has been commemorated by the Department of Health as the month for being more cautious about Dengue Fever.

As we all know, dengue is one of the infectious health conditions that the Philippines has found rather tough to manage. Thankfully, the numbers are encouraging, as there was a 31.9% decrease in the total number of dengue cases for 2017, as compared to the total number of cases in 2016. To illustrate the improvement in dengue management, here are the numbers for the past five years, in reverse chronological order:

  • January 1 to May 6 2017: 33,760 dengue cases
  • January 1 to April 9 2016: 35,658 dengue cases
  • January 1 to May 2, 2015: 24,075 dengue cases
  • January to May 2014: 22,182 dengue cases
  • January 1 to June 8, 2013: 42,207 dengue cases

Statistics Sources: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

Note that the periods quoted from statistics published by Inquirer.net do not have the exact same time periods surveyed across the years. For yearly dengue statistics, please visit our previous post regarding dengue.

Electronic medical records help DOH officials keep accurate tallies of Dengue cases. To know more about Electronic Medical Records, visit HealthTech.ph.

In commemoration of the National Dengue Awareness Month, the DOH has lined up quite a few activities:

  • 12,000 Metro Manila students would receive the dengue vaccine this month as facilitated by Manila City Mayor (and former President) Joseph Estrada. [Source]
  • DOH Spokesperson and current Bureau of Local Health Development chief Dr. Eric Tayag encouraged greater proactiveness for the elimination of dengue carrier-breeding areas at 4PM (“The 4 O’Clock Habit”), especially in schools and for local communities. [Source]
  • The DOH expands the dengue vaccination drive in Cebu, as Cebu was a hotbed of dengue cases.

For more updates, do visit the DOH’s News Clips page for fresh news releases and other Philippine public health-related information.

Dengue is a deadly disease, as we all know. However, with the right adherence to recommendations for combating Dengue, and with the DOH’s efforts to control the spread of the infectious disease, hopefully, the number of cases will steadily, and possibly exponentially, decrease in the coming years. 

Electronic medical records help DOH officials keep accurate tallies of Dengue cases. To know more about Electronic Medical Records, visit HealthTech.ph.

Credits: With thanks to Atty. Charmagne Joie Oberio-Malunes and others who helped in clarifying about the semantics of Presidential Proclamations, in particular, whether Proclamation No. 1204 is a law or not, for the purpose of semantic accuracy for this article.

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