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How a Doctor's Family Gets Their Wellness Boost

Being bombarded daily with the news about how COVID 19 infections being on the rise can be a source of stress in itself.  As Metro Manila and other parts of the country have transitioned again into stricter quarantine status, it is of greater importance to those in areas where more cases are on the rise to be in the best of health. 

As Pinoydoctor.com asked around how the doctors are keeping themselves in the best of health, we've come across the unique way one doctor has made the effort to be in the best of health not just for herself but for her entire family. 

Meet Dr. Giselle Mary Lazaro-Maceda, a Dermatologist who holds her clinic at the Makati Medical Center, and a member of the Philippine Board of Dermatology.  Finding a better way of keeping vitality up is by using the mobile service for IV drips by the
Reviv Wellness Van.  Pinoydoctor.com caught up with her and the family doing a different type of bonding exercise which was basically spending time together while doing the Ultraviv recovery IV therapy by Reviv PH.
A first of its kind in the Philippines, the mobile Wellness Van of Reviv PH brings the various IV drips in the product line of the global IV brand Reviv.  This is perfect given the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine Status (MECQ) of Metro Manila wherein the general public is encouraged to stay at home.

Thus the IV service comes to one's doorstep.  In what Pinoydoctor.com witnessed with the Wellness Van, Dr. Gel Maceda and family opted for Ultraviv, which provides the body with a helping hand to aid recovery from ailments such as common colds, seasonal allergies.

For those wondering how this works, arrangements are made for the Wellness Van of Reviv Philippines to come over and provide the Ultraviv IV.  Appointments are set beforehand with the use of a digital questionnaire.  Information supplied would had to be verified first by Reviv's doctor and as soon as this is clear, the appointment is scheduled for the van to make its way to the residence.

Wellness Van arrives thirty minutes before the appointment.

Safety protocols are in place and the staff come in full PPE suits.
On the day of the appointment, the Wellness Van comes over for the IV drip.  Safety protocols are very thorough with the staff (both registered nurses) administering the process.  The Ultraviv is kept in a special cooler all throughout the time from compounding.  And of course, a Facetime consult with Reviv's Doctor through their iPad and other vitals as blood pressure are taken.

The Wellness Van of
Reviv Philippines is available to service even beyond Metro Manila

You may contact them via Mobile Phone on Globe, or message them here.


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