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REVIV Philippines Launches MINIBOOST IV Therapy for People on the Go!

BGC, Philippines - REVIV Philippines, the local partner of the world's leading IV infusion wellness clinic has launched its new product, MINIBOOST.

MINIBOOST is the newest addition to the Megaboost family, for which REVIV is known for.  Packed with B/C vitamins and electrolytes, the Miniboost contains similar benefits to its popular counterpart in an economical size for speedy delivery.

REVIV Philippines'
signature IV therapy, Megaboost has become a favorite among celebrities, entrepreneurs, doctors, and dads who have taken charge of their family health and protection in these pandemic times.

MINIBOOST is a condensed version of REVIV signature therapy Megaboost- designed to help you maintain good health and wellness. Anyone with a busy lifestyle who wants to reduce their stress levels, strengthen their immune system and detoxify their body will benefit from this wellness IV therapy.

Entrepreneurs, Executives and Dads have been taking charge of their families' health and protection in these pandemic times, scheduling the Mobile Wellness Van for their exclusive sessions.

Ideal for those on the go that are pressed for time, the Miniboost recharges energy levels and combats the effects of lethargy and common ailments. Designed for your preventative health, give yourself an immune boost and live well.

To book your IV Drip Session with REVIV through their Mobile Wellness Van, you may contact these numbers:


The Wellness Van of Reviv Philippines is available to service even beyond Metro Manila

Facebook Page : Reviv Philippines

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