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How To Handle the Prolonged Quarantine

We are already six months into the various Qs of the quarantine.  ECQ, MGCQ, GCQ, and other newly coined abbreviations.  A pandemic of this magnitude has caused disruptions in and adjustments to everyone’s lives that can cause significant anxiety and stress. People who are already experiencing conditions related to anxiety are also having to manage their conditions and adapt during this time.

The pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders and prolonged quarantine are things none of us have experienced before, so the brain doesn’t have data from past experiences that it can draw from to make informed decisions.

A unique feature of the coronavirus is that a lot is unknown about it. The illness itself has an unknown treatment or cure. We’re also hearing conflicting messages about what should be done to manage the virus from a population health standpoint. When people are receiving mixed messages and they’re not sure how to proceed, that can create an overwhelming amount of anxiety.

A few things have been noticed recently.

Stress Can Make It Hard To Concentrate

Chronic stress leaves the brain swimming in the hormone cortisol, which research suggests can disrupt the functions of the prefrontal cortex ― the area of the brain responsible for attention span, decision-making, problem-solving and emotion regulation. Cue brain fog, apathy, indecisiveness and mood swings.

Isolation Triggers Restlessness, Loneliness And Depression

As a result of being quarantined for long, not only are we disconnected from the people we care about, many of us have also lost our jobs and are unable to do the things we’d normally do to blow off steam ― either because we can’t afford to or because our go-to stress-busters are no longer an option (eating out at restaurants, going to the movies, hitting up a workout class).

Chronic Stress Leads To Digestive Problems And More

When the response to anxiety kicks in, it triggers physical reactions.

“Symptom clusters for this include racing or pounding heart, shortness of breath and sense of numbness or tingling, among others,” says David A. Merrill, a psychiatrist and director of the Pacific Brain Health Center at the Pacific Neuroscience Institute.

Over a prolonged period of time, these reactions can cause significant physical wear and tear on the body.

“With the long haul of the quarantine, we’re seeing more lethargy, disrupted sleep and depression,” Merrill added. “These symptoms tend to negatively amplify each other.”

What to do:

1) Exercise - getting some sweat flowing helps us with blood circulation.  It also aids in getting our mind off the things we usually worry about.

2) Eat Healthy - The truth is that sometimes, what we eat can also trigger our downard swing towards sleepiness.

3) Find ways to fortify your immune system - as the General Community Quarantine is implemented and more people are found going out, part of the anxiety brought about is whether one will contract the virus or not.  A better way to reduce that anxiety is to fortify the immune system.  

While oral intake of vitamins may be good, some of us are not really getting the most for our money as statistically, our bodies' rate of absorption of oral supplements is usually well below 100%.

Given this scenario, one of the best options around is to supplement the vitamin intake with a direct intravenous infusion.

One company that does direct intravenous infusion is REVIV PhilippinesREVIV Philippines is part of a global network of IV therapy clinics in the UK, the US, and other key global cities.  REVIV has changed the game in the way they service their clientele doing the treatments in their Mobile Wellness Van which brings the treatment to your doorstep, or where you would prefer to have it, given our current restricted movement.  

REVIV treatments are designed to boost the immune system, improve recovery from strenuous activities and from colds, pain, nausea and to reduce inflammation. Other treatments include an electrolyte boost and help rehydrate the body and flush lactic acid from the body. Most do a lot to improve your outward appearance, giving you a healthy glow that only people in peak health exhibit. 

The process is very pleasant as conducted in REVIV's daily sanitized wellness van, staffed with registered nurses and overseen by a doctor.

One of the latest products is the Miniboost drip treatment, which is a combination of vitamin C, B-12 and electrolytes that give the immune system a substantial lift.

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