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Doctor Responds To Article Of Ms. Fely Sicam

From the Facebook wall of Dr. LJ Enerva, in response to Fely Viloria Sicam's article.

I am an Internist and not so long ago i was also a resident physician and i take offense from this article.

Dear Ms/MRS. Fely Viloria Sicam

Please get your facts straight before publishing. Although it would be exceptional to be well versed in the international language, I dont think it was ever required for a medical personnel Doctor or nurse or the like to be english proficient in order to practice their professions. And of all places why would you expect that from a government hospital?? Which country are you from? Really?? Reality check, even tertiary hospitals use the vernacular language to converse not unless we are dealing with foreign, non filipino patients or visitors. If you can understand the vernacular why would we bother speaking a foreign language not unless the message we want to convey has no translation in the local language. So how are we supposed to deal with our common, minority and indigent patients when they come for consult ? Doesnt makes sense does it?

Residents are licensed doctors, they will not be allowed to practice in medical institutions or even practice the art of medicine if they didnt have licenses to begin with, because it will compromise not just the care of patients but also even the the credibility of the institution that employed them. Maam even volunteer medical staff members are board passers for them to be able to operate within a medical institution.

Throwing the question back , Are these the kind of journalists we have nowadays?publishing articles recklessly without researching (not generalizing). Do "REAL JOURNALISTS" also have qualifying examinations? Do you also undertake Board examinations or are certified by a Professional Regulating Body? As far as i know , i stand corrected if not , but most of us Doctors and even nurses are Double Degree Holders and most of us had passed not one but at least two professional board examinations to get to where we are. So my question is are you qualified or what qualifies you to pass judgement on my medical colleagues or even judge their standard operating systems ? Do you even know what you are talking about ? Did you even bother to research or inquire how we operate?

This is what reckless and irresponsible journalism looks like , i cant even imagine how your editor in chief allowed/approved such article to be published. As far as i know journalism should be reported with facts , without biases and with substantial research and evidences to make a story plausible. You cant just write anyhing that comes to mind , as a journalist you have to be objective and not subjective in writing your articles cause im sure even real Journalists follow a certain guideline or protocol when publishing or writing for a paper.

DOCTORS pls share . article comes from a paper called MINDANAO TIMES , JULY 20. Its not even funny this came from a legit broadsheet not a tabloid.

P.S. im speaking in english that must mean im a real doctor ?

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