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Dr. Romergryko G. Geocadin, MD, Lectures at St. Lukes

Dr. Romergryko G. Geocadin, MD, an international leader in medicine, science and education, and Professor of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Medicine and Anesthesiology-Critical Care Medicine at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland recently visited St. Lukes to lecture on "Reversal of Brain Herniation: Recovery from Acute Coma".

Dr. Geocadin, who was born in Bacolod City, finished high school in St. John's Institute-Bacolod, studied at the UERMMMC and graduated in 1991, came to the US in 1997 as a fellow and in 18 years attained the highest academic rank at the Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Geocadin continues his lecture rounds today at the Medical City this morning (July 2, 2015).

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