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Engage to Change: Research and its Role In Policy-Making and Driving Change in the Healthcare Industry

A gathering of the health and research industry’s greatest minds. A treasure trove of information. A feast of intellectual delights geared for the health and research industries. This is the goal for the Global Forum on Research and Innovation for Health 2015, organized by the Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED), in partnership with the Philippine Department of Health and Department of Science and Technology. This summit, also known as “Forum 2015,” spans August 24th to August 27th, 2015. It aims to address how research and healthcare should work together, in a drive to “Engage to Change.”

The summit spans 70 sessions, split into two tracks, with the following six themes:

Track 1: Increasing the Effectiveness of Research and Innovation for Health (through):

  • Social Accountability
  • Increasing investments
  • Country-driven capacity building

Track 2: The role of research and innovation (in improving):         

  • Food safety and security
  • Health in mega-cities
  • Disaster risk reduction

With the many health crises that have beset the nations, from the many new viruses that are sprouting, as well as the weather-related crises that arise due to climate change, this forum was timely, and as the organizers state, “No longer a mostly research-focused meeting, the new Forum is aiming for solutions, involves all stakeholders in the value chain from problem to solution, and goes beyond 'health research' towards 'research and innovation for health'.”

Aside from being a place where health professionals and research experts could meet and exchange ideas, this is also the summit for both government officials and policy makers to understand how to return to their calling as the pillars of change in a nation. Tomorrow’s schedule, “Translating research into policy,” addresses this need.

Another equally crucial need, “Translating research into innovation,” addresses the health and research professionals’ vision for their work. How to turn their research into drivers of change.

In a season when so much is changing, and yet so little progress has been made, it is high time to address a system that seems to be stuck in time. After Yolanda/Haiyan, it is timely and relevant that COHRED decided to hold Forum 2015 in the nation that Yolanda struck. The jaded may believe otherwise, but forums and summits like these help us to believe that there is hope yet, and that change is on the horizon.

Forum 2015 is held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Pasay City, Philippines.

Photo Credits: forum2015.org

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