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This Internationally Recognized Journalist Is A Filipino Physician

Seldom do we see physicians, amidst their busy and loaded daily schedules, engaging in literature and writing endeavors. Well, here is a breath of fresh air for us all. 

Dr. Jose Florencio Lapeña, a professor of otorhinolaryngology at UP Manila and an attending otolaryngologist, aerodigestive tract, and cleft and craniofacial plastic surgeon at the Philippine General Hospital, was given a distinction by  Sentinels of Science Awards as the foremost journalist who handled the most manuscripts across the world's journals. 

"At the same time, I have a never-ending queue of unedited manuscripts for my journal, pre- or post-review, for my editing and final disposition," he said in an email to GMA News Online. Counting the numbers, he spends around four to six hours for every paper he reviews. On a daily basis, he does at least 2 papers. This would accumulate to nearly a 100 papers annually, now that's amazing! 

"I read Philosophy and Letters for my honors baccalaureate degree and majored in Sociology for my social science master's, actively researching and reviewing throughout. It seemed  natural to continue through medical school and postgraduate residency and fellowship, and thereafter," he said.

Going back to his recognition, The awards are given out by Publons, an international peer review website. It describes the Sentinels of Science recipients as "expert peer reviewers [who] stand guard over research quality, repel pseudoscience and help nurture the discoveries of tomorrow. These are the heroes helping us realise human potential faster."

When asked about how he came to be inclined to literature, he said he started composing essays and poems in primary school, later on he grew fondness for research. One remarkable work he did was when he did a paper on Russian novelist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


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