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Philippines' One Of The Best Beauty Doctor: Dr. Sylvia Huang

Obsessed with skincare? Wanting to discover the best beauty doctor in the whole archipelago? You've come to the write page. 

Meet Dr. Sylvia Huang.

Dr. Huang is one of the respected dermatologist and foremost beauty expert in the Philippines. She specializes in severe acne problems and has a long line of patients in her clinic in Greenhills , San Juan, Metro Manila. She personally supervises patient treatment. She is presently the president of The Body Shop Philippines, a fast-growing British chain in the country selling natural-made beauty products.

In an exclusive interview with Philstar in 2007, Dr Huang said that she didn't plan to become a doctor at first. " "I didn't really know what I wanted," she said. "Growing up, it never really occurred to me to take up Medicine. I was part of the first batch of Physical Therapy graduates at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, and after graduation, I spent a year running a business. I was 20 then, and bored. When a classmate one day asked me if I wanted to go to med school, I said, Okay, get me an application form."

Today, she is the number one beauty doctor known in the country. It is because, as she claims, along with her prescriptions, she dispenses personal advice to her patients who need it. ""A patient might come to me complaining about a blemish, or a little bump here, and I treat that. But when you get to know some of these patients, you find out that maybe they are concerned about that blemish because they think their husbands or boyfriends won't love them anymore because of it, and then that may be a sign of a deeper problem, in their relationships." 

She emphasizes that she she gives much importance to her role as a healer more than just a medical practitioner. When asked about her plans for the future, she shrugs and smiles. "The present keeps me busy. The field of dermatology is changing very quickly. I have to keep up with the latest technologies and techniques, and that keeps me going. And I have my children. My eldest, Pamela, is studying to be a dermatologist, too, and that's one thing I also look forward to."

Dr. Huang's clinic is at Rm. 201 IPL Greenhills, 17 Eisenhower Street, Greehills, San Juan City, Metro Manila and can be reached through +63(2)7222660.


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