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The World’s Most Prolific Editor, Dr. José Florencio Lapeña, Needs YOUR Medical Research

Please give “The World’s Most Prolific Editor,” and Sentinel of Science awardee Dr. José Florencio Lapeña of the UP College of Medicine more papers to review.

According to reports about Dr. Lapeña’s prowess, the attending otolaryngologist, aerodigestive tract, and cleft and craniofacial plastic surgeon, PLUS professor of otorhinolaryngology at UP Manila edits 2 papers a week, amounting to 100 research papers a year.

Even then, his work is not enough. Why? There is a need for more research and more accurate figures for a large part of Medicine. In interviews with mainstream and medical publications, Dr. Lapeña has stressed the “need to strengthen our writing and publishing” for medical research. He envisions that these papers would not just be mere dust bunny magnets on shelves, but rather, turn into “multidisciplinary research that promotes health and wellness, and prevents or minimizes disease.”

Source: UP Manila
He envisions that the Philippine healthcare milieu be improved by research not just from medical professionals, but also from “architects, and engineers on healthy dwellings and structures, or social science research on less-stressful organizational relationships.”

Medical students who dream big dreams as future doctors, would you have the passion for research? Would you contribute to the body of knowledge that Dr. José Florencio Lapeña has blazed trails and is holding the fort on?

Let’s choose to take off-beaten paths. May a good number of you choose the path of the medical researcher, and hopefully fill in the (rather large) shoes, that eminent baton that Dr. José Florencio Lapeña will need to pass on, for the future of the Philippines.

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