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Coronavirus Statistics Update For 4/22/2020

Just a quick update regarding the statistics of how the Coronavirus has affected Philippine healthcare workers as of today, 4/22/2020:

  • 13% of the Coronavirus-positive patients are healthcare workers.
  • 1,062 healthcare professionals have been infected with the virus.
  • 26 have succumbed to the virus.

Of the infected, the breakdown of the health workers affected, by function, is as follows:

  • Doctors: 422
  • Nurses: 386
  • Medical Technologists: 30
  • Radiological Technologists: 21
  • Nursing Assistants: 51
  • Others (admin, barangay health workers): 152

The World Health Organization has reportedly called this situation “worrisome,” given that by comparison, the rest of the Western Pacific region’s healthcare workers account for an average of a mere 2-3% of the infected by the Coronavirus.

One thing that may account for the Philippines’ high numbers could be the existing doctor-to-patient ratio of 1:33,000. However, the mishandling of the matter (patients not disclosing their travel history, the late imposition of travel bans, among other factors) may have also come into play.

In any case, we appeal to the Filipino people, to help the Frontliners hold the fort by Staying At Home, practicing social distancing, and constantly washing and disinfecting one’s hands.

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Statistics by the PH Coronavirus Updates Group on Telegram.

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