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The Coronavirus, The Patients, And The Pinoy Doctor

The Coronavirus has gripped everyone at the moment. With thousands having fallen to the virus in Italy, and more in other countries, governments have seen it fit to impose a widespread Quarantine for cities across the globe. The decision certainly was merited, with the statistics of the virus' exponential contagion.

No thanks to the widespread Quarantines, these days have been an uncertain time for individuals and businesses alike.

But we are not here to echo the doom and gloom of the times. We’re here to give you news, features, and our thoughts about healthcare. In particular, we aim to shine a light onto our Pinoy Doctors, who are valiantly fighting this scourge and pestilence of our times.

Healthcare has always been there since time immemorial: Where there's a human being with a body to patch up, there's a doctor with his expertise to help facilitate the healing process.

But what of the time when it is our Pinoy Doctors themselves who succumb to the virus and the disease? When our heroes prove to be wholly human and fallible, do we, as regular citizens, urge them to, “Physician, heal thyself!”

We, the citizens they serve, should be there to support them in their time of need.

We commend individuals like Bea Alonzo, who lovingly prepared pasta boxes for frontliners herself. We commend the institutions and organizations who have made moves to support the Pinoy Doctor with food, shelter, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), and even pre-loaded cellphones.

It is crucial that even our Pinoy Doctors’ shelter be provided, as dormitories, neighbors, and other people in their communities feel apprehensive for their own health and safety, given that our Pinoy Doctors are exposed to the virus daily.

It is imperative in this time that we support our Pinoy Doctors.

We will seek to deliver you news and articles that uplift, encourage, inspire you to do things for our Pinoy Doctors, even though at times, we might tell sobering news. At the end of the day, our main goal is to highlight the modern-day heroism of our frontliners—our brave and courageous Pinoy Doctors.

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